Garmin GPS Series

Garmin is a well known global positioning system manufacturer, for both automobiles and boats. Over the years, they have managed not only to only satisfy millions of people who were looking for an accurate GPS unit, but they also managed to gain their trust through the top notch quality products they deliver. In this article we will focus on the Garmin Marine GPS Series.

Garmin GPSMAP 100-Series

The 100 series was actually the first chartplotter series that Garmin produced. There were many models which were launched during that time and on top of that, the series managed to run for a very long time. The first marine GPS from Garmin was the 120 model, which made use of a monochrome screen featuring a low resolution and had the ability to store two hundred and fifty waypoints. The next model, the 130, featured an improved screen with an increased resolution and also an added chart slot.

The 160 model had a massive increase in screen resolution and boasted out a two hundred and forty by two hundred and forty resolution.
Appearing later in the series, the Garmin 178C added an internal sounded, higher resolution and a color screen.

The 188 model came later and it was actually one of the biggest sellers from Garmin. It was available for purchase with or without an internal sounder and could be purchased either with a colored screen or with a grey scale screen. The last model in the 100 series was the Garmin 198C. The screen had a 234 by 320 pixel resolution, it had a five inch screen with sixteen colors and could store fifty routes, three thousand waypoints and it was WAAS enabled. It also came with a five hundred watt dual frequency sounder.

Garmin GPSMAP 400-Series

This series actually consisted of only two chartplotters, numbering the Garmin 492 and the combo fish finder and chartplotter 498C. This particular model came with a five inch screen boasting out two hundred and fifty six colors and also came with extra component support for DSC and AIS connectivity.

New GPSMAP 400-Series

The new 400 series actually consisted of three models, numbering the Garmin 420, 430 and 440. The 440 model came with a 320 by 240 screen resolution and a four inch full color screen. All of these units can also be purchased with the “s” designation, meaning that they come with an internal sounder.

Garmin GPSMAP 500-Series

All of the models in these series came with a compact five inch screen. The top of the line model in this series is the Garmin 545s, which comes with a 480 by 640 screen resolution. Because it comes with the “s” designation, it means that it features an internal sounder. Yet the 546s model not only does it have more waypoint storage, yet it’s also NEMA 2000 network compatible.

The Garmin models that would end in “0”, featured a lower resolution, at just 320 by 240 pixels. There are also models in the series that end up “1”, meaning that they come with a higher screen resolution and when equipped, they also feature a more powerful sounder. When it comes to the middle number in the designation, it actually signals the type of cartography used. Thus 2 is base map only, 3 is for US’s inland lakes, 4 is for US coast and 5 is for Australia and UK. The good news is that all of them are capable of suing the Blue Chart g2 Vision cards.

Garmin GPSMAP 600-Series

This series is actually the newest series of Garmin that come with touch screen capability. There are 2 models currently available and both of them feature a five point two inch screen and an eight hundred by four hundred and eighty pixels resolution. While the Garmin 620 features a base map, the 640 model features pre-loaded coastal charts of the USA. The good news is that both of these devices will work on land and on water, too.

Garmin GPSMAP 700-Series

This is the newest chartplotter series from Garmin and all the models released in it come with touch screen capability. The flagship model is the 740, which features an integrated sounder, a high sensitivity GPS sensor and it also comes loaded with detailed marine charts. This is also the only garmin marine gps in this series with no news of Garmin planning on releasing another one yet.

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