Buying A Marine GPS

If you came across the term of marine gps and you don’t know that it actually is, then you should know that it’s a global positioning device that uses signals from orbiting satellites, in order to help people who are cruising with their boats and / or ships, know their location on water. These devices are very much useful when it comes to navigating in bad weather or when the visibility is very low and the boaters cannot see ahead of them. Because out there you will find there are a plethora of GPS models you will first of all need to read several marine gps reviews so that in the end you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Although maps never stopped being useful on a trip, GPS devices are gaining popularity among most boaters. If you want to acquire the best navigation system at the best price, it’s important to understand a few tips and tricks.


The most important difference between a GPS and a paper map is represented by the many features that a navigation system offers compared to the traditional way of finding a certain road. This device also makes your job much easier, allowing you to view the geographic coordinates of almost any place in the world.

If you don’t know how to get to a certain location, you can simply look for it using your GPS. Besides showing exact routes, a navigation system also helps you find the nearest ports or tourist attractions that are situated on your route. At the same time, you are also updated with any new map or traffic information thanks to an option that collects live data from the Internet.

Aspects to Consider

Before you buy a GPS device you have to take a few aspects into consideration. First of all, think about why do you need a navigation system and how often will you use it. If you don’t travel much, you should purchase a cheaper device, somewhere between $100 and $250. However, if your job involves a lot of traveling, it’s important that you acquire one of the best devices available. Do make sure that you will read many marine gps reviews before you will make your purchase. There are plenty of them on the internet and on top of that, you can also check out the internet forums to see what people are saying about the different models they have purchased.

Screen and Type of Information Storage

You also need to decide on which type of screen you prefer. A cheaper navigation system usually has a smaller screen but this doesn’t mean it’s not as good as a bigger one. On the other hand, if you’re able to afford a GPS with a larger display, you will see the maps much better and find routes much easier.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind when purchasing a navigation system is the way it stores the information. A GPS device that has an integrated hard drive is faster, however, one that is based on a flash memory card lasts longer.


Make sure that you will make a good look at your budget before you will want to even think about buying a marine gps. You will need to be realistic at this point and also think very well at the way you will use this GPS: you can go with a fixed mount GPS (which are also known as chart plotters) or if you want, you can go with a handheld model. The former feature larger displays and more functions, yet they are also more expensive, starting at nine hundred dollars. If you would like to have your GPS units combined with other marine electronics (like radars, fish finders and so on), you will have to spend around four thousand dollars on all of them.


Be careful on the brands out there and make sure that you will look for GPS units coming from Magellan, Lowrance, Icom and Garmin. They are the most well known manufacturers out there and you will certainly not go wrong with any of their models.

Last but not least, be sure that your unit is waterproof, as I bet you will be using it in many weather conditions, including rain and extreme moisture. Good luck with your purchase!

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